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Water Conservation and
Rain Water Harvesting

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Renovation of Traditional
Water Bodies

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Reuse and Recharge

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Watershed Development

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Intensive Afforestation

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Training / Awareness
Programs by KVK

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Enumeration of Water Bodies

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Jal Shakti Abhiyan: Catch The Rain

Intervention Wise Progress Report

S.N.Jal Shakti AbhiyanWater Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting StructuresRenovation of Traditional Water BodiesReuse and Recharge StructuresWatershed DevelopmentTotal Water Related WorksIntensive AfforestationTraining Programmes/ Kisan Melas
  RuralUrbanRuralUrban  RuralUrban  
1.ATotal Nos. of Work Completed60,419011,8211872,9391,11,2502,56,429184,02,403205
1.BTotal Nos. of Works Ongoing79,90730,65141,41580,6982,32,67142,242
2Total of Completed and Ongoing Works1,40,32642,4901,14,3541,91,9484,89,1184,44,645
3 Expenditure in Rs Crores*659436515721,71886
4Total Expenditure Including Water related works and Afforestation ( In Rs Crores)*1,804